RADFORD, VA (May 20, 2019) - The Heritage Truck Centers 250 was the first time the CARS Tour visited Motor Mile Speedway since 2015, and Saturday night's action made up for the long hiatus when Bubba Pollard and Bobby McCarty muscled their way to Edelbrock Victory Lane. For Pollard, it was his third tour win this season and the first for McCarty in nearly a year.


Matt Craig claimed the Mahle Pistons Pole Award and led the field to the green flag in the opening race of the night. Second place starter Bubba Pollard nosed ahead of Craig to lead lap one before the Kannapolis, N.C, retook the top spot on lap two and held it for over a third of the race.

Pollard began to show his speed on lap 47 when he bypassed Craig for the top spot, but Craig found a way back around on lap 59. The pair continued to trade blows, moving each other out of the way multiple times before Pollard ultimately took the lead for the final time on lap 78 after a caution for Mike Speeney's problems in turn three.

Despite Pollard's late-race dominance, Craig threw everything at the No. 26 Ford when he attempted to outduel Pollard on a lap 114 restart. Having none of it, race control thwarted his work when the restart was called back as a jumped restart and reattempted with Pollard on the inside lane where he motored away after the green flag.

Pollard extended his lead to a .686-second advantage at the checkered flag, beating Craig, Stephen Nasse, Tate Fogleman and Kodie Conner to the line.

"When you drive good stuff, got good people behind you, they make it easy on you," said Pollard in Edelbrock Victory Lane when asked about how he has pulled off three wins so far this season.

"When you drive me dirty, I'm going to drive you back dirty, and that's all there is to it," he continued when prompted about the battle with Matt Craig. "When you run me up the racetrack, I'm going to let you know it. It could have been a lot cleaner than what it was, and it wasn't. It's part of racing if he wants to drive like that. You're looking at a new Bubba Pollard. I've kinda been easy on people, kind of just rolled with the flow, but I ain't taking no [expletive] off nobody no more. If you touch that 26 car, you're gonna be ready for it."


Four years ago, Josh Berry picked up his first CARS Tour win at Motor Mile Speedway, and picked up where he left off by rocketing to the Hedgecock Racing Pole Position during qualifying. As expected, he shot to the lead early over second place starter Deac McCaskill.

The opening two thirds of the race was exceptionally clean, with two caution flags on laps 40 and 80 thrown by rule according to the series' competition caution policy. After lap 80, however, things got crazy when Taylor Gray lost control exiting turn four which started a massive chain reaction melee that collected at least ten cars in one fashion or another. Multiple drivers were eliminated from the race afterwards.

Bobby McCarty, who had moved to second during the opening two stints, challenged Josh Berry on the restart, but was unable to steal to the top spot despite a quick outside lane at Motor Mile. A slew of late-race accidents including four cautions in the final scheduled 25 laps, gave McCarty multiple opportunities to bypass Berry but none of them yielded any results.

Josh Berry took the white flag after 124 laps and appeared to be en route to his 16th career when when Brandon Pierce sent Ryan Repko for a spin in turn two, forcing officials to throw the yellow before the leader had taken the checkered flag, prompting a green-white-checkered restart.

On the initial attempt, Berry bypassed McCarty in turn three, but washed up the track allowing McCarty to drive to his inside in turn one. The two made contact, and Berry went spinning up the track, handing McCarty the race lead and relegating Berry to the tail.

The second attempt at a finish saw McCarty choose the high line for his restart lane, while Justin Carroll started underneath. The pair leaned on each other while others pushed and shoved behind them. They took the white flag in a near dead heat, and made the final circuit door-to-door before racing off turn four to the checkered flag where Bobby McCarty edged out Carroll in a photo finish of .029 seconds. Sammy Smith, Brandon Pierce and Tommy Lemons, Jr., rounded out the top five.

"I really hate that with the 88, I really do, he knows I don't race that way," McCarty said after thanking his crew in Edelbrock Victory Lane. "He was trying to pinch me, and I was trying to run him up a little bit, and we hit wheels. It yanked the wheel right out of my hand. I've never wrecked nobody for a win, I never have and I never will, that was just a racing incident. Hopefully he and I can talk about it and come to an agreement. But, like I said, a big thank you to everyone at Nelson Motorsports. My wife and son are here, and it's he first time they've come in a long time, so this is a really cool moment for me.

"When that [lap 124] caution came out, I was worried, because they can cause a lot of problems," he continued when asked about the setup for the finish. "You never know how these restarts are going to play out. Josh didn't get to the throttle really good coming out of four, and I was able to pull the crossover and we got position on him and that was unfortunate and I really hate that happened. I didn't know whether to take the inside or the outside on the last restart because I was losing forward drive and that's where the 88 was killing us. I felt like if someone was on our outside, I wasn't going to be able to get the throttle down. We took the outside, Justin's a really hard racer, he races hard but he races clean, and I hope the fans enjoyed that show."

The next event for the CARS Racing Tour will take place June 8 at Langley Speedway, the Who's Your Driver 125, a standalone event for the late model stock cars with support from three local divisions at a highly-competitive .395-mile layout on the east coast of Virginia.

For more information on the CARS Tour, visit their website at CARSRacingTour.com, or follow them on Facebook (@CARSTour), Twitter (@CARSTour), Instagram (@cars_tour), and Snapchat (@carstour). The series also has its own YouTube channel, Roku channel (available through its TV website), and a new publicly available Amazon FireTV app released this week.



CARS Super Late Model Tour                
Heritage Truck Centers 250                
Motor Mile Speedway - May 18, 2019                
1.    26P    Bubba Pollard    125    
2.    54    Matt Craig    125    
3.    51    Stephen Nasse    125    
4.    8    Tate Fogleman    125    
5.    45    Kodie Conner    125    
6.    17B    Josh Brock    125    
7.    49    Jeff Batten    125    
8.    24    Colin Garrett    125    
9.    14    Jared Fryar    125    
10.    6S    Brandon Setzer    125    
11.    37    Dan Speeney    125    
12.    74    Ryan Moore    125    
13.    34    Nolan Pope    125    
14.    51B    Amber Balcaen    125    
15.    21    Toni Breidinger    124    
16.    6    Matt Wallace    123    
17.    16    Molly Helmuth    114    Accident
18.    50    Jett Noland    113    Brakes
19.    17    Mike Speeney    77    Accident
20.    96    Josh Reeves    52    Mechanical
21.    21J    Trey Jarrell    46    Mechanical
22.    33    Preston Peltier    45    Mechanical
23.    2    Jared Irvan    40    Brakes
24.    7    Justin Crider    0    DNS
25.    40    Tovia Grynewicz    0    DNS
26.    00    Anthony Cataldi    0    DNS
27.    5    Spencer Wauters    0    Withdrew

CARS Late Model Stock Tour                
Heritage Truck Centers 250                
Motor Mile Speedway - May 18, 2019                
1.    22    Bobby McCarty    127    
2.    57    Justin Carroll    127    
3.    12    Sammy Smith    127    
4.    2    Brandon Pierce    127    
5.    27    Tommy Lemons, Jr.    127    
6.    16    Chad McCumbee    127    
7.    08    Deac McCaskill    12    
8.    81    Mini Tyrrell    127    
9.    63    Tyler Matthews    127    
10.    74    Ronald Hill    127    
11.    1    Craig Moore    127    
12.    17    Taylor Gray    127    
13.    17P    Stacy Puryear    127    
14.    88    Josh Berry    127    
15.    14    Ryan Repko    127    
16.    77    Trevor Ward    126    
17.    19C    Jessica Cann    124    
18.    51    Matt Cox    121    
19.    98    Adam Lemke    108    Accident
20.    99    Layne Riggs    100    Accident
21.    54    Drew Dollar    81    Accident
22.    23    Terrry Brooks, Jr.    81    Accident
23.    25    Zack St. Onge    81    Accident
24.    22K    Derek Kale    81    Accident
25.    4    Jonathan Findley    80    Accident
26.    07    Camden Gullie    80    Accident
27.    19    Cameron Bowen    37    Mechanical
28.    1P    Brody Pope    33    Mechanical