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Old North State Nationals at Orange County to Offer Stimulus Program for CARS Tour Competitors

MOORESVILLE, NC (Oct. 3, 2018) -- On the heels of announcing the $30,000 to win Old North State Nationals Late Model Stock race at Orange County Speedway on April 6-7, 2019, the CARS Response Energy Tour is offering a “stimulus program” that will allow competitors to pay for a portion, if not all of their entire race event expenses prior to arrival for the big event via various supporters. 

“This program is designed to make this event bigger and better. Drivers will get out whatever effort they choose to put into it, if you work hard and promote yourself and this race, you could essentially pay for your entire weekend before you even show up,” explained, CARS Response Energy Tour Series Director, Chris Ragle. “Not only that, but fans, sponsors, and the industry can help grow the purse for the event to make it even bigger than it already is. This program will really bridge the gap between the fan and the competitor. The time to support short track racing and your favorite driver is now, and at the Old North State Nationals.”

The program is designed to allow any driver, no matter the size of their budget, to help with the expense of competing in the event, all while growing the purse for the race along the way. Supporters of the driver can take pride in knowing 100% of what their support is going towards. The various levels make it easy and affordable for all to support this event. Plus with those drivers receiving store links they will be promoting the race throughout the off season and leading up to the race.

“We are calling this a stimulus program because we feel like this is an opportunity for drivers and teams to stimulate their program and make it affordable to race in this major event. Maybe this programs takes that driver on the sidelines and puts him back behind the wheel of a car for this race. I know it’s a lot easier to find family, friends, sponsors, and just overall supporters to spend a couple hundred dollars that it is to find one to spend thousands,” added Ragle.

Drivers will have until Friday March 29, 2019 to utilize the store link for the race, allowing them a full six month period to reach out to potential supporters.


Old North State Stimulus Program Structure

First 20 drivers who enter the Old North State Nationals, along with the Touring 12 class of 2019, will all receive an online store link that they can utilize, to allow various supporters the ability to contribute to their favorite driver by purchasing the necessary components (entry fees, pit passes, tires, and fuel) to compete in the Old North State Nationals.

For additional information on the CARS Response Energy Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Response Energy Super Late Model Tour visit Be sure to stay active and social with the tour by liking “CARS Tour” on Facebook, following @CARSTour on Twitter, and scrolling through photos on Instagram cars_tour. Additional series information can be obtained by calling the CARS Tour series office, located in Mooresville, NC, at 704.662.9212.