Check that your download speed is greater than the recommendations (1.5 Mbps - SD, 4 Mbps - HQ, 8 Mbps - HD).
Test your internet download speed here: Internet Download Speed Test
These tests work by checking your "instant" download speed. However, your download speed fluctuates over time.
If you are having issues, first try restarting your browser(we recommend Google Chrome).
If you are on wifi, switch to hard wire connection, or get very close to the wifi router.
Disconnect all other devices from the network (especially gaming systems and phones).
Turn off all other programs or apps on your device.
Close all other tabs on your browser.
Turn off all anti-virus programs (remember to turn them back on later) and other background programs.
Make sure your browser is up-to-date with the latest releases.
If none of the previous suggestions work, restart all of your network devices (modem, router, switch).
Fill out the support form for the quickest response.
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Network Test

Use this link to test your local network quality: Network Quality Test

You DO NOT want to see these items:
  • Network congestion
  • Packet loss
  • Cable faults
If you see these issues, restart ALL of your network devices, and disconnect all other devices from the network.
You may need to contact your internet service provider to correct problems.

Install VPN Software

VPN software can eliminate ISP network latency and throttling (illegal per FCC regualation, but done anyway)

There are various VPN software vendors you can find via a Google search, we personally use (not free): Private Internet Access