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Formed in the fall of 2014 by owner Jack McNelly, the CARS Tour was built out of the remnants of the former Pro Cup Series. The CARS sanctioning body, continuing a desire to create a viable option for quality pavement racing throughout the Carolinas and beyond, formed the dual division CARS Tour. Featuring both super late models and late model stock cars competing on the same night at the same track, the CARS Tour is the first series of its kind to host two premier divisions under the same banner, at the same track and as part of the same event.

The Super Late Model machine features 600+ horse power engines under the hood of custom built race chassis weighing only 2750 lbs. Dressed out with fiberglass bodies, to make them light as possible, these rides are found throughout the U.S. and Canada racing at short tracks around the country as the premier division of pavement short track racing. The widespread familiarity of these types of cars has led to fans and teams alike, to not only race in their home state, but the ability to crisscross the country hitting major events everywhere.

Born in the Carolinas, Late Model Stock Cars have been the premier car raced at local and regional tracks in the Mid-Atlantic for decades. Today, the purpose-built racers weigh in around 3100 lbs. and utilize both factory-designed crate and custom-built racing engines. The powerplants produce over 400 horsepower underneath a fiberglass body built to withstand the rigors of short track racing without the weight of stock body panels. The machines stop by using the same stock-style GM brake calipers found on many passenger cars today. These racecars carry a huge following of both fans and drivers alike.

CARS Tour TV is the home for your favorite CARS Tour events throughout the year. With complete coverage of events form green to checkered, and even afterwards, CARS Tour TV is the one-stop-shop for all things related to the CARS Tour. Combine live events with on-demand archives of races, there’s no need to look anywhere else for racing entertainment on your screen of choice. All of our streams and archives are Chromecast-enabled so you can, with the click of a button, “cast” the video straight to your larger screens for more comfortable and community viewing.

CARS Tour TV is a venture of Pit Row Media and a division of Pit Row TV, who carries other super late model and late model stock type events, along with dirt racing and other events over the course of the season. See the entire selection at

Pit Row Media is a full-service multimedia house serving the needs of the motorsports industry as well as other clientele and partners across other industries and markets. They specialize in video but also accomodate printed projects such as hero cards, business cards, posters, flyers and more, and also offer additional services such as social media management, public relations, and most notably public address, radio, and television talent services. Pit Row Media was started by Tony Stevens, known to most in this realm as the CARS Tour announcer, to serve clients, customers and friends as their needs arise in various business settings. For more information on Pit Row Media, visit

Any rebroadcast (including but not limited to Facebook live and Periscope), reproduction, or other use of the pictures and accounts of these broadcasts without the express written consent of Pit Row Media, CARS Tour, or any other rightsholder is prohibited and punishable by federal law up to a $250,000 fine, imprisonment, or other restitution as deemed appropriate, including but not limited to subscription fees for viewership taken from original rightsholders.